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In 1972 Ran’s wife, Ginny, conceived the circumpolar idea. For seven years they strove to raise support for it and in 1979 set out from Greenwich in a thirty-year-old ice strengthened vessel, Benjamin Bowring, with a colourful crew of volunteers from many countries and backgrounds. The first circumpolar journey round the earth, led
by Sir Ranulph Fiennes, was described in the New York Times as the world’s last great adventure,
and by the expedition patron, HRH Prince Charles as “mad but marvellous”.

Come to a very special evening: The Transglobe Expedition Trust invites you to CAMPFIRE on Friday 26th June from 7pm - 11pm. Sit around the fire and enjoy stories from Ran Fiennes, Ed Stafford, Alastair Humphries, Helen Glover, Heather Stanning, Steve Backshaw and others + music food & drinks: See details here

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"As long as such physical challenges exist, and as longs as man cannot conquer nature, there will always, thank God, be people like the Transglobe explorers ready to risk death, in order to achieve something spectacular. They will always win our admiration."

"Mad but marvellous"

HRH Prince Charles, Expedition Patron.

Not to be missed! A Life at the Limits sees Ran Fiennes joined on stage by his long-time friend and expedition partner Anton Bowring as he leads Sir Ranulph on a personal journey through his life - See tour details from Mon, 29/06/15 to Tue, 21/07/15 at www.speakersfromtheedge.com

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